esp tinkering#3 infrared

I’ve wanted to schedule the easier things to later; and after the pir/pwm came the tasks i assumed are easier. Connecting a standard ir reciever is not much an issue - usually; but no matter how i tried it, it just didnt work. I’ve kept circling after a while: check connection, check datasheet, check program, use different (remote/ir reciever/pin). I’ve even checked that the ir receiver works ysing an arduino uno…

esp tinkering#2 controlling a fet

After the pir ride i’ve added the dht - that worked without any issues; the biggest problem was that i was sure i’ve connected it to gpio4…and in reality it was connected to 5…I now have large ESP12E module layout printed out - this will probably prevent mistakes like this. The fet needs pwm control…so I wanted to continue with that. Wiring it up was not much an issue.

esp8266 - tinkering#1 PIR

I wanted to start moving my hardware features to the esp prototype… baby steps? I wanted to start with something simple…the PIR sensor is either gives signal or not - that’s simple enough ;) Because I want my new board to be pure 3.3v based - i had some issues that the sensor didn’t wanted to work with 3.3v. However…it turned out; that the board is in fact 3.3v based - and I’ve used a trick to skip the hc-sr501 ’s on-board regulator.

Moving to esp8266

I’ve finished my planned home automation device’s prototype around 2-3 weeks ago…but it looked like I will almost sure will run out of flash space - and will loose ota update capability. While I was evaluating my options someone on #arduino have talked about an issue he is having with an esp…and it turned out that thing has more potential for me than I earlier thinked…I’ve already had an esp01 module in my ‘possibly usefull stuffs’ storage.