esp8266 - tinkering#1 PIR

I wanted to start moving my hardware features to the esp prototype…

baby steps?

I wanted to start with something simple…the PIR sensor is either gives signal or not - that’s simple enough ;)

Because I want my new board to be pure 3.3v based - i had some issues that the sensor didn’t wanted to work with 3.3v.

However…it turned out; that the board is in fact 3.3v based - and I’ve used a trick to skip the hc-sr501 ’s on-board regulator.

If you are intrested, here is a post about doing this … (scroll down till the schemantic appears)


it should work now?

I fired it up…and it didnt really worked - at least not as i expected ;)

It kept recieving some kind of noise…when the wifi was active(ending) it almost always triggered an event.

fixing the noise

After playing with it and reading a bunch of posts I was confident that the esp is causing a hard time for the pir sensor, because it creates some noise in the 3.3v supply.

I’ve added a diode to protect pir power lines from esp spikes…this didnt really helped but adding an extra cap started improving signal relaiability…

After tweaking it a bit more i ended up with a diode and 3 caps(220u,100u,27u) it seemd to be working okay ;)


It was a bit trickier than i originally expected ;) I hoped the surprises will and here…but of course not! ;)

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