Moving to esp8266

I’ve finished my planned home automation device’s prototype around 2-3 weeks ago…but it looked like I will almost sure will run out of flash space - and will loose ota update capability.

While I was evaluating my options someone on #arduino have talked about an issue he is having with an esp…and it turned out that thing has more potential for me than I earlier thinked…I’ve already had an esp01 module in my ‘possibly usefull stuffs’ storage.

So, I fired it up - and started messing around…I was impressed…so after 2 days I ordered 5 esp12e -s from the local dealer

setting up the 12e was more problematic than the 01, but it eventually worked…

Adding mqtt was a piece of cake…and the 4m flash made me not to worry about any space constraints.

OTA updates also work without much hassle…so its a cool thing!

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