esp tinkering#3 infrared

I’ve wanted to schedule the easier things to later; and after the pir/pwm came the tasks i assumed are easier.

Connecting a standard ir reciever is not much an issue - usually; but no matter how i tried it, it just didnt work.

I’ve kept circling after a while: check connection, check datasheet, check program, use different (remote/ir reciever/pin).

I’ve even checked that the ir receiver works ysing an arduino uno…

After 2 wasted evenings…i’ve started feeling the datasheet i was using: a bit wierd…the first datasheet google throw me back(google search for:tsop4838); was a ‘family datasheet’(first hit)…and it contained working conditions of the family as a whole my biggest problem was that my Tsop4838 needed minimum 4.5v to work…but this family sheet said it works from 2.5v….

Digging a bit deeper into the search results(and restricting it to pdf); I’ve found a much better (datasheet) - which cleared the things up for me…

I’ve went to buy a tsop34838 the next day; and watched it starting to work without any hassle….

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