Busy board - evaluating options

I want to build a busy board...my little girl will love it (I think ;)

It helps a lot to organize my taughts - to simpliy just collect all my findings, ideas and such…

One of my friends have showed me the idea of “busy boards”…and I’ve kept thinking on it ever since ;)

Having the haut project in progress opens up the possibilities to integrate the busy board into the it….which will enable me to add real meaning behind the various switches and such…and possibly enrich the busy board from a static collection of switches doors and etc into a playfield where solving puzzles may switchon a light or anything….i think my baby will enjoy it ;)

My earlier plan was to design and build the whole thing in one “pass”, but I’ve kept hesitating….not sure why around that time…to give a better insight what I was thinking about; here’s an (incomplete) list of the features:

  • doors&locks
  • strings, ropes…possibly attached to some small doors..not sure
  • binary-logic section…I think is a must in case I’m building it ;)
  • various pushbuttons and switches
  • phone ;)

I think months have passed - and I’m sure I’ve missed 1 or 2 contruction opportunities because of hesitating on all this…

Talking this thru my wife finally revealed the biggest flaw in this project (for me at least ;) …it’s a bit too radically “upfront”…in the same discussion Helga have came up with the idea of being more modular….I think that was the thing I missed all along:…the concept of keeping these things incremental.

Time have passed since this discussion..because I will most probably add multiple boards to this thing - I think one “greater” board could be employed as both of the main module of the busyboard - and in the same time possibly as the data collection/ugrade relay too

I’m planning for some time now to buy some rpi3 to upgrade the media playback services…so if I do that; I’ll have a standard rpi1 at hand to employ as the main component of the busy-board…

Sounds fun, will see how it goes :)

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