Kitchen devices finetuning & overall experience

I’ve forgot to write about this…so I try to write my memories before I forgot this ;)

Day 0

I’ve placed all devices and cables where they should be…check that it works and unpluged it for the night.

Day 1

In the morining I’ve showed it to my wife: that it’s now working ;) I’ve showed my wife the most important thing of the new kitchen lightning system… there is only one plug where it gets all the electricity…in case something is not right (catches fire…or gives wierd noises) she should be able to neutralize it without having to track down the cables - and I’ve encouraged she to do so If she thinks its needed.

about 10 minutes later

My wife have noted that the light is on…but in the morning this is totally useless ;) I didn’t had time to fix it…so I went to work.

9 hours later

When I’ve got home…the device was unplugged…I’ve feared the worst - that it might have put out black smoke or something….but my wife told me that it’s a bit annoying that the light kicks in every time she enters the kitchen….

I’ve set the minimal light level to ~200 lumens to trigger the strip to on…I’ve set something else like 100 or so.

Next few days..

I don’t really remember it…there were a few more days when the first day scenario have been repeated ;)

Because the ota upgrade had problems when the two devices were communicating i’ve had sometimes problems with the upgrade…I think I’ve fixed it somehow….and I think I have a possibly broken nrf (my desk device have to withstand various situations…sometimes even metallic objects may create unplanned circuit extension on that breadboard…)

After a while I’ve settled with a ~50 lumen setting…because of the placement of the light sensor this is ok.

Day ~10

My wife told me that she was skeptical about all these “improvements” - but because she didn’t wanted to kill my hobby ( because the fact that I enjoyed creating this was good for she too I think.. ), she just waited.

And she said that now that it works…it’s really usefull.

…so I will continue to add more automation to other parts of our home ;)

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