Haut Generic-1

Original plan: create schemantic

I’ve met with one of my friend who does have degree in Electrical Engineering ;)

And i’ve wanted to ask him to check my circuits…he asked for schemantics - and because the only “real” existing schemantic was already built…

I’ve looked for a schemantic drawing tool before - but I’ve failed to find the right one for me.

I was very fortunate that I’ve subscribe to ForceTronics on youtube earlier (he makes very good videos in home automation topics…gives a very good presentation about what he is talking about), and I’ve got a notification that he have just published a video about EasyEDA - i’ve considered easyeda before; but around that time it looked a bit too complicated.

After watching the video I’ve played with it a bit…and I’ve started to puzzle together the kitchen-1 schemantic.

I’ve even puzzled together the pcb layout to look somewhat how i’ve placed the components (for fun ;)

kitchen-1 project on EasyEda

Designing generic-1

Because the schemantic + board designed in easyEda can be ordered as pcb…I went forward to design the next device here…instead of soldering those small wires - this seemed like a good alternative ;)

because i’m not really limited in the pcb size… i’ve decided to add both boards features to a generic one…

It will optionally provide the following features:

  • hall sensor plug (will be connected using a jack plug)
  • fet on board - including a protection diode
  • protection diode + fuse
  • infrared rx/tx
  • light diode
  • thermal/humidity sensor (dhtXX series)

Althrough I added this mix of functionalities; I also wanted to step ahead in overall packaging as well:

  • i’ve placed some large holes for the mounting of the box itself
  • a small breadboard will enable me to mount “wierd” components in 90 degree
    • the dht22 on the kitchen-1 device looks fine…but it was hell to mount it - this will make it simple to attach it…but in the same time it will make it more trickier to design the box
    • something similar will happen with the IR reciever

haut-generic-1 project on EasyEDA

I will order these pcb-s when i’ve got back some feedback on the design.. And I will have to build the whole thing on breadboard prior to ordering…to check the new parts of the design - and possibly update it.

But until then I will definetly order a pile of electric parts and a lot of screws ;)

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