Fix&deploy devices in the kitchen

I was able to disable the nrf autoack feature; it is strange why I have to enable autoack prior to disabling it….but it looks like these modules like it this way ;)

I’ve noticed a weak soldering in the sensor device - i’ve tried to fix it (without soldering) ; it went well enough to finish the current measurement for sizing the fuse; but its another minor showstopper ;)

Next day or so I’ve added a diode and a 200mA polyfuse to the led driver board; to create some protecton for these circuits. I’ve altered the sensor box’s connection point to be inside the protection segment.

Fixing the sensor device’s broken connection had its own experiences: i should either get a real crimping tool..or switch to an alternative inter board connection solution…

Everything was set…so I’ve finally moved them to production ;) …fastening of the sensor box is still crap….but because that problem is a design error…i wont try to fix it ;)

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