Operation: cstand ;)

The 'rubber teat' charging station

I’ve a little girl…who has some rubber teats which helps she sleeping thru the whole night.

But…the best of these devices must be charged prior to usage - lately i’ve spend about 30-60 seconds charging them; but I’ve got an idea to create a “charging station” - from a sheet of paper by using some cad magic.

The plan was to create a maimed pyramid - to get some stability; because the top hole should has about ~25mm diameter.

I’ve fired up freecad (yeah..again) … and spent quite some time to create something which could then cut out and used.

After about ~90 constraints and 31 lines i’ve had a “working prototype” ;)

As you can see the constrainted sketch method is way too overcomplicated…

The end result was a bit unstable…and I wanted to add more clamping points - but the freecad design looked way to complicated to continue…so I turned to openScad…and after having fun with it…and creating the new plan…i’ve came up with this:

way better in practice…and the code is easily modifyable; it’s source is not nice..but I can get along with it ;)


and here it is in production… currently its empty - since my little girl is sleeping :)

If you want to create your own…here is the pdf(cstand3.pdf ) which can be printed :)

cheers ;)

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