Ordered items - and their destiny

I always try to don’t buy right away items on ebay - and place them in the cart instead. Because I’m aware that I might be changing my mind in a few days…but after approximatly a week, I submit my orders after throwing out some unneccesary items…

The shipping time is usually 2-3 weeks…so I’ve plenty of time to think about it how i will be using the parts.

So…in the last couple weeks I reached this ‘buying’ phase at least 2-3 times…and because my plans has changed…nowadays i’m getting packages with parts I might not need (now) ;)

I think this can’t be avoided…and those parts might get used in a later project…for example i’ve order a few relays, which are not part of the current basic application plans; But, they might come handy when I get to the window shutters.

But i’m sure that i won’t be using the 10 pack rs485 transciever ;)

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