Fried pro mini regulator

I’ve tested the nrf24l01 modules on my table…and after they begin to work; I wanted to check that how far I can communicate with it – I wanted to know that I must add mesh tech to things thing or not.

I have a bunch of 18650 batteries; with 3-pack battery holders.

I estimated the voltage from that to be ~12.6. so I opened up the pro mini info page…even thru they wrote that 12v is the maximal voltage; I tried to open regulator’s(S80E) datasheet…my search pulled up a lot of garbage without results…so i tried to lookup what kind of regulators are on the pro mini-s…i found some pointers in a forum…and finally opened the datasheet - I quickly determined that the regulator is rated to handle up to 16V :) …so i connected the battery pack.

And…it started flickering with the leds…and i think the regulator broke ;)

I’ve read another forum topic which recommended to not use the onboard regulator for >9V, because it may break.

Even thru the regulator on the board is thrashed…it can be used by supplying 5V directly to the board - so while the regulator went down; the chip did survived ;)

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