OpenELEC hardware upgrade

I’m using raspberry pi boards as media center satelites to run openelec/kodi.

Some features of this setup:

  • installed directly behind the screen…essentially the hdmi port holds the board
  • ethernet connection
  • central mediadb => stop on device1, and continue on some other device feature

I’ve hesitated to upgrade any of these devices: because they worked and i’ve read about rpi3 that it needs 3amps..but since i’ve needed an rpi board for the busyboard project; i’ve ordered one.

I’ve a small usb charge doctor…so i’ve looked at the power consumption of the rpi1 and rpi3….for my biggest surprise - both of them consumes about the same amount of power when idle or working; about: .4A usually, but i’ve not seen higher than it’s great.

The rpi3 is not just quicker&smoother; it even consumes less electricity during playback - I guess that kodi can utilize the gles2 capable gpu on it more easily…

There was some issue that from time to time the cec connection have broken down between the tvanf the rpi - I haven’t seen this problem since the upgrade!

UPDATE (2017/02/17): however…in the last couple weeks I started seeing sometimes a power icon in the top right corner - which means the board is “under powered” - so I think eventually I need to replace that charger with something which can supply more juice.

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