Control layer

I’ve been struggling with it for days now…maybe if I write it down, it gets a clearer picture for me too ;) So…I will have multiple devices with the ability to communicate to each-other via radio. Possible challenges/problems: the system itself should be able to withstand partial crash of the infrastructure…so in case of catastrophic failure; all functioning parts should sustain their function as much as possible. this means that the control logic will be distributed and the nodes should behave in a mesh network like manner it might be possible that the RF24 modules would need multiple hops to reach the target this might not be the case, I will check this fact later - having a real mesh network is cool, but in case I dont need it at all… unauthorized 3rdparties should not interfere with the operation of the system communication protocol must be resilient to replay attacks I can’t do anything to prevent an adversary to flood the radio channels with noise… the nrf’s design is very limited…1 channel out; 5 channel in.