Remote fw loading

I’ve already evaluated what i would really need to protect my comms from 3rd parties; but i still miss the stream alike controllers on both ends to maintain the channels between the devices. remote writing (arduino – arduino) With the local self writing capability ready for use, i started adding some sequence based retrasmission capable stuff (i wasnt sure where i will end up with it eventually)… After creating the prototype for a single one directional channel I was surprised that the encryption part will just fit into the playfield by adding it behind the seq handler later on.

OTA capable bootloader for arduino

Earlier i’ve found the optiboot project, which looked like a great candidate to reshape into the key instrument to enable remote firmware upgrades for the pro minis. The idea is to have the flash split logicaally in two: first section running the current firmware second section is reserved for the new firmware The bootloader is the only “trusted” part of the flash from within flash write commands are accepted.