Busy Logic - the game

Time passed by while no-one really cared about the busy board again….sometimes Kinga played with it a bit - but there was no point doing it.

I wanted to also add the “official” diagrams of the gates (how much fun that is)….but when I was talking with my daughter - or I don’t know how I figured out that it could be a game…

Simple game

I’ll configure some binary logic using all the inputs…and the goal of the game is to make all the LEDs lit!

After some tweaking the busy_logic game was born! :D

The first puzzle was this:

 int o1=i1^i4^i6^i7^i8;
 int o2=i1^i3^i5^i7;
 int o3=i2^i4^i6^i7^i8;
 int o4=i1^i2^i3^i4^i5^i6^i7^i8;

I just wanted to make the LEDs turn on and off interestingly with it :) And my girl really liked it…

The ugly sources are here

The next day…

I noticed that I might have found some good way to play and teach something about logic to my daughter…to provide some way to retain this I also added a “reward” to it. Every day there is 1 puzzle; and if it’s solved successfully the award is a Maoam :)

After a couple days…

I’ve started worrying that I might have hand out an unsolvable puzzle…so I explored PlatformIO’s testing capabilities to ensure that the puzzle is solvable… this needed some refactoring/reorganization of the existing stuff - but it was kinda fun :)

And then came the idea: how cool would it be if there would be a “dispenser” for the Maoam pieces :)


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